Cloud Storage client library

Create a storage bucket

from import storage
client = storage.Client()
print("Client created using default project: {}".format(client.project))
# client = storage.Client(project='your-project-id')
# Replace the string below with a unique name for the new bucket
bucket_name = "your-new-bucket"

# Creates the new bucket
bucket = client.create_bucket(bucket_name)

print("Bucket {} created.".format(

List buckets in a project

buckets = client.list_buckets()

print("Buckets in {}:".format(client.project))
for item in buckets:
print("\t" +

Get bucket metadata

bucket = client.get_bucket(bucket_name)

print("Bucket name: {}".format(
print("Bucket location: {}".format(bucket.location))
print("Bucket storage class: {}".format(bucket.storage_class))

Upload a local file to a bucket

blob_name = "us-states.txt"
blob = bucket.blob(blob_name)

source_file_name = "resources/us-states.txt"

print("File uploaded to {}.".format(

List blobs in a bucket

blobs = bucket.list_blobs()

print("Blobs in {}:".format(
for item in blobs:
print("\t" +

Get a blob and display metadata

blob = bucket.get_blob(blob_name)

print("Name: {}".format(
print("Size: {} bytes".format(blob.size))
print("Content type: {}".format(blob.content_type))
print("Public URL: {}".format(blob.public_url))

Download a blob to a local directory

output_file_name = "resources/downloaded-us-states.txt"

print("Downloaded blob {} to {}.".format(, output_file_name))

Cleaning up

Delete a blob

blob = client.get_bucket(bucket_name).get_blob(blob_name)

print("Blob {} deleted.".format(

Delete a bucket

bucket = client.get_bucket(bucket_name)

print("Bucket {} deleted.".format(

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Mohamed Niang

Mohamed Niang

Machine Learning Scientist

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